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Sr. Full Stack Developer

Nightfox Audio

Nightfox Audio

Software Engineering
Lincoln, NE, USA
Posted on Monday, July 1, 2024


Title: Sr. Developer, Full Stack

Compensation: $100-140k/yr plus equity compensation, commensurate with experience and impact

Benefits: Flexible Scheduling, Hybrid Work Environment

Desired Start Date: July, 2024

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

About us:

Nightfox Audio creates inspiring tools for musicians and producers. Our founder, Philip, created our initial set of nine products to solve a problem he had as an international record producer: he wanted digital versions of his favorite instruments, so that he could use them when he traveled, and he wanted an easy way to create music using brand new, character rich, tones that nobody has ever heard before. He took over two years painstakingly sampling his instrument collection to create world-class virtual instruments, and designed an innovative interface to spark creativity within himself.

Nightfox has just raised a second round of seed funding and is building a multi-vendor marketplace for the sales, licensing, and distribution of audio software like ours. We’re looking to hire someone who wants to grow with our company and create a role that is as fulfilling for them as it is for us.

About You:

  • Accountable - You deliver on your commitments, on time and correctly.
  • Team Oriented - You ask for help when needed. We don’t expect perfection, and we have each other’s backs.
  • Self Taught - You might not know everything, but you know how to figure things out.
  • Positive and Intentional - We accomplish what we believe we can.
  • Show Me The Numbers - While you have good instincts, you prefer to rely on data.
  • Fun - You’re someone we want to spend every day working alongside.
  • Musical - You don’t have to be the next Mozart or Billie Eilish, but we’re a music company at heart, and having an appreciation for what our tools help create is a must.
  • Tech-Savvy - Your mom calls you for tech support, not the other way around. You can troubleshoot your way through most issues with a few Google searches.
  • Jill/Jack Of All Trades - You’re comfortable wearing multiple hats as an integral team member.
  • Confident - We don’t have room for yes-people here. We don’t just pay you for your ability to crush tasks, we need and value your opinion.


Marketplace Platform Development - Focus on building our new marketplace platform, collaborating with our development partner, Genco Cocoa Corp, to support and accelerate their work on the MVP.

Product Iteration and DevOps - Once the MVP is in the market, take ownership of iterating on the product, implementing new features, and ensuring the platform's reliability and performance.

Intern Support - Provide guidance and support to our interns, who are primarily focused on developing audio plugins.

Full Stack Development - Utilize your expertise in React to develop and maintain robust and scalable applications.

Cross-Functional Collaboration - Work closely with our executive team to align development efforts with business goals and user needs.

Autonomous Problem Solving - Leverage your problem-solving skills and self-education abilities to tackle challenges and continuously improve our products.



  • Education and/or real world experience using code to develop products
  • Great problem solving and self-educating skills (There’s no shame in the stackoverflow game!)


  • Music production experience (even on a DIY/basic level)
  • Experience working on a startup
  • A network of experienced people interested in helping you succeed

Have or can easily develop competencies in:

  • Tauri
  • Firebase
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • HISE (open source framework)
  • Github